June PetBox Review

june petbox tahoeFor our first product review, how could we not review the wonderful PetBox! PetBox is a subscription box service that delivers a box of treats, toys, grooming items, and more every month to your doorstop. It’s available for dogs and cats (even pigs?!) We received the surprise box option but you can always opt to pick the items instead. Remember to order your own at getpetbox.com and use the code TXPUPS for 20% off!

Our surprise box contained the following items:


Dingo Market Cuts Chicken Jerky ($14.98): Unfortunately, we were not able to try these treats, because we’re giving them away! These treats are made in the USA in a USDA inspected facility. They’re made with 100% chicken and no artificial flavors, colors, with no chicken by-products!



innovet BioPel Spray ($8.99): This spray repels fleas, flies, ants, and mosquitoes. Comet needs this for all his “bug friends”! It’s safe to use around pets, furniture, bedding, food, and more. It’s also safe to use on humans!


20140708-130639-47199715.jpgPetkin Pet Wipes ($5.99): Petkin wipes wipe away dirt and odor, and won’t remove spot flea treatments! Great for those roll in the dirt moments.



Cocotherapy Fruit Crunch ($9.99): These treats have so many good qualities, we might have to make another post for them! They’re made from fresh organic fruits and veggies that are fortified with organic coconut oil. Birds, rabbits, and other small mammals can eat these treats too! Treats for all!


20140708-130639-47199522.jpgYummy Paws Spale Power Bites ($5.00): We absolutely love these treats (especially the cute corgi on the bag)! Yummy Paws has combined two super foods, kale and spinach. So, they’re packed with nutrition, fiber, calcium, vitamin A, E, and C, anti-oxidants, and cancer fighting qualities!


20140708-130639-47199335.jpgcomet and tahoe toy


Aussie Naturals Dolphin Toy ($6.99): We loved this toy so much we grabbed it right out of the box! Thankfully, it was preloaded with a water bottle. It has a 100% wool exterior with a crunchy coconut fiber filling.


That’s all for this month’s PetBox! Don’t forget to order your own at getpetbox.com and you can even use the code TXPUPS  for 20% off!




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