New App is a Must-Have for Pet Parents


Pets unfortunately go missing sometimes. We’ve had our share of adventures, every pet owner has. When these “adventures” do occur, the American Society for the Prevention of Cruelty to Animals’ new app is here to help.

Developed by the ASPCA, the free app provides users with an individual search plan based on their pet’s behavior and individual circumstances so pet owners can search and quickly recover their lost pet. We have downloaded the app to give you a preview.

When first opening the app, you will see a list of the animal related news such as “Road Trip Saves Lives”. Comet especially likes the pictures of the cute dogs (not as much the cats).


Clicking the ‘Missing’ page, the app give you a series of questions that will help the app give you a personalized search plan. Eventually, it brings you to a page that gives you suggestions on what to do next.20140709-164020-60020191.jpgWe believe this part of the app will especially benefit panicked pet owners. The app also offers lists of what to do during a disaster and a place to record your pet’s medical records.

We recommend this app to every pet owner, especially if your pet has just gone missing. It’s best to be prepared beforehand though. When we go on our next “adventure”, we’ll be sure to use this app.

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