Stay Cool this Summer with these Tips

It’s summer! But, that also means heat waves and hot pavement, not a pup’s favorite thing. Dogs can easily get overheated in the summer heat, here are some tips on how to stay cool this summer.

1. Kiddie Pools

Having a misting system or a kiddie pool that your dogs can wade in will help them cool off. Remember to keep the pool in the shade though, 110 degree water is no fun to sit in.

comet kiddie pool newUnless your pup really doesn’t like kiddie pools. If so, check out these other tips.

2. Take a Walk in the morning or evening

The morning and evening are some of the coolest parts of the day. This doesn’t mean the pavement won’t still be burning, but it’ll be better than in the middle of the day. When you do go walking, place your hand on the pavement. If you can comfortably hold it for 5 seconds, it’s cool enough for your dog. Doggie Boots are another option for taking walks. They will protect your furry friend’s paws against the hot pavement while on walks. Check out our friend Sugar’s review about PawZ Booties here.

3. Icy Treats!

Possibly a dog’s favorite part of summer. Icy treats can cool off a dog, during or after a walk. Dogs love to lick the on the ice, it’ll keep them happy and occupied on a hot summer day. recommends freezing vegetables, fruit, chicken or beef broth, fruit juices, or yogurts. Read the full article here. We may have to make some of our own!

4. Never, EVER, leave a dog in a parked car

This is one of the worst ways to combat summer heat. Cars can heat up quickly in summer, even with the air conditioning on. Never leave your dog in a parked car, even for a minute. This can lead to heat stroke.

Stay cool this summer pups. Do you have any ways to combat the summer heat? Leave your tips in a comment below!



2 thoughts on “Stay Cool this Summer with these Tips

  1. Great tips! We love getting the baby pool out in the summer. It’s so much fun to watch them play. Plus, they can burn off some energy while keeping cool. We take our walks early morning and late evening to try and beat the heat 🙂

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