Flying with a Pet? Think twice.

Flying with a pet? Think twice. Hundreds of pets are lost, injured, or killed every year from transport on cargo holds of planes. These are just a few horror stories from the air.

Snickers the Cat

Heather Lombardi paid nearly $300 to transport her cat, Snickers, from Utah to Connecticut in a climatecontrolled air cabin. By the time Snickers and Lombardi were united, Snickers was icy cold and couldn’t move her head or paws. The cat died a short time later. Lombardi’s $289.94 cargo ticket included $70 to ensure Snickers was taken off the plane quickly. Yet, Lombardi reports it took 50 minutes to get Snickers off the plane.

pets frozen kitten--842854835_v2.grid-4x2

This photo courtesy of Linda Preece and Heather Lombardi shows Lombardi’s kitten named Snickers.

Bea the Golden Retriever

Model Maggie Rizer booked reservations to San Francisco for her two golden retrievers, Albert and Beatrice (Bea) through United Airlines’ PetSafe program. Rizer was aware of the dangers of flying, and did extensive research to make sure she was taking every safety measure. Unfortunately, when she landed with her husband and 10 month old son, they learned that Bea had died. Bea’s death was inexplicable, she had recently undergone a physical exam and was in perfect health. Her vetinarian performed a full necropsy and determined that Bea died of heatstroke. “I’ll miss her loving soul,” Rizer says, “She was one of a kind. I’ve never had a dog like her. You can’t replace a dog, especially one like that.”


This photo of Maggie Rizer and her dog courtesy of Maggie Rizer.

Jack the Cat

Jack was meant to fly to California with his owner, Karen Pascoe, from New York. After being checked in, Jack somehow escaped from his carrier. Two months later, Jack plummeted through a loose ceiling tile in to the airport’s custom office.  After an exam, veterinarians and Pascoe agreed he was too sick to recover. He was euthanized on November 6th.


This photo of Jack is courtesy of Facebook.

These are just some of the horror stories from the air. Please, take caution when transporting animals in cargo holds, or at all on airplanes.

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