Top 5 Tips on having a Successful Doggie Instagram

Starting an Instagram for Fido? Need some tips? Here are TXpups’ Top 5 Tips on having a Successful Doggie Instagram. Remember to follow our Instagram, @TXpups.

1. Set Goals and Rules

Set goals or rules based on how often you want to post, if you want to do shoutouts, follow backs, etc. This will avoid any confusion later on, and will help you commit to your new account.

2. Do not use Puppy Speech

Many people twink it’s cwute to talk wike dis. Many people find “puppy speech” to be annoying, confusing, and unprofessional. Try to use proper grammar and spelling when writing your bio or captions, and remember to be polite.

2. Take Good Photos and Post them at the Right Time

If you scroll down alllll the way to to the bottom of our Instagram, you’ll see most of our photos in the beginning were taken inside. We discovered that taking our photos outside provided better light, and better quality photos. Now, you’ll rarely see us post a photo of the pups inside. Remember to not over filter your photos. Posting photos at the right time is important. If you post a photo at midnight, not many people will like it. Instagram’s peak liking times are from 5-6 (because many people check their Instagram during rush hour).

3. Make some Friends

When we started our Instagram, we followed many other doggie Instagrams. This helped us gain a few followers and some traction. These users are now great friends of ours, who give us helpful tips and answer our many annoying questions.

4. Use Hashtags

Using popular hashtags can help users find your photos and your account. Remember to use hashtags specific to your photo, because cat fans are not going to be happy to see Fido in #caturday. We use hashtags for our different dogs, so our followers can easily see photos of just one dog. Some brands will often look through their hashtag (such as #petbox or #beggin) to look for photos to post on their page. This can help you gain more followers and recognition if you’re chosen.

5. Have fun!

If you dread when 5 o’clock comes around, maybe Instagram isn’t for you. There are many other social media sites which you can use. We also have Twitter and Facebook pages, and this blog. Instagram has given us some great opportunities, we hope you have fun too!

If you’re starting a new doggie Instagram account, give us a bark below and we’ll check it out.


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