6 Ways to Stay Active with Your Dog

Get off of the couch pups! It’s time to get active and healthy. Here are 6 ways to stay active with your dog.

1. Go Jogging

Do you go jogging regularly? Why not take the pup along? Jogging is also one of the best calorie burners.

2. Doga

Yep. Yoga with your dog. It’s a thing. Doga incorporates dogs in to your yoga practice. Plus, it will be super easy for them to do the downward facing dog!

3. Swimming

Swimming is great for your, and your dog’s, joints! This is a great way to get active and stay cool in summer! Dogs can actually participate in water therapy and reap the benefits too.

4. Doggie Weight Exercises

Lose your weights? Use the dog! Please exercise caution when doing this. If your dog does not like pretending to be Superman, please find the real weights.

5. Take up Agility

Agility practice is a great way to stay healthy, and meet new people! Agility can improve speed and coordination.

6. Chase each other!

Good old fashioned playing and running can keep you healthy too. Go to an open field, bring the tennis ball, and have fun!






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