Drink More Water: How to Keep your Pup Hydrated

It’s summer time, so you’re probably spending lots of time outside exercising with your pup. Maybe you’re even staying active with some of our tips, or going to the dog park. But, are you keeping your dog hydrated? Your pup may be dehydrated, without you even knowing. This infographic from PetSafe shares information about how much water is needed, and facts about dehydration.Drinking-Infographic-WebRes

Here are a few tips on how to keep your pup hydrated:

  • Keep their water bowl full

How do you expect your pup to stay hydrated, if they don’t have to water to do so? Keep an eye on their water bowl through out the day, and fill it periodically.

  • Put ice cubes in their water bowl

The ice cubes will melt, making the water colder which may be more appealing to dogs. Or if you’re like Comet, they may just want to suck on the ice cubes.

  • Add water or broth to dry kibble

It’s called dry kibble for a reason. If you think your dog isn’t getting enough water, try adding water or broth. It’ll make the kibble taste better, and keep your pup happy and hydrated.

  • Feed your pup treats rich in water

Watermelon and strawberries contain about 92% water per volume, making them a perfect treat for your dog!

Remember to stay hydrated this summer! What do you do to keep your dog hydrated?


3 thoughts on “Drink More Water: How to Keep your Pup Hydrated

  1. Great tips! For dinnertime I’ve started adding quite a bit of water to the dry kibble. This helps make a delicious broth with the food which Bella, Terra, & Kronos enjoy and it’s a way to insure they drink more water.

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