The Importance of Having ID Tags

Has your furry friend ever escaped? We’ve all had our little adventures (or at least our dogs have). Luckily, all of the times Comet or Lucy escaped (never Tahoe, he’s a good boy), they’ve always found their way back. We always found peace of mind though, knowing they had the proper ID tags on them.

Having updated ID tags can be the difference between having a lost dog and a found dog. If you’re going to have ID tags, why not they be fashionable too?

We were so lucky to get the chance to receive some of Aaron Albrecht’s gorgeous ID tags. Aaron’s shop contains over 100 pewter tags that you can choose, and customize!



Aaron was so nice to even customize our tags with TXpups. Each of his tags are custom made out of pewter.

What’s different about these tags?

  • Handmade in the USA
  • Can be custom made to fit your preferences
  • Wide selection of quality tags
  • Skillfully engraved for longevity

Based in Minnesota, Aaron’s shop has over 6,000 sales and is rated at 5 stars. From now until August September 30th (2014) you can use the code TXPUPS for 10% off on any orders placed.

What do you think of our new tags?


Disclaimer: Aaron Albrecht provided TXpups with three dog tags in exchange for an honest review. TXpups only shares information we feel is relevant to our readers. All opinions are our own.


3 thoughts on “The Importance of Having ID Tags

  1. Those tags are too cute! I agree, tags are very important. If you tag and microchip you have a much better chance of finding your baby!

  2. Another tip: When you’re traveling with your dog, get a cheap tag you can write on. Use pencil and update the tag with the name of the house or hotel you’re staying at along with your cell phone number.

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