Fire Safety: For You and Your Dog

You probably know how to put out a fire, you probably know multiple ways to. But, your dog doesn’t. This infographic from Metropolitan Veterinary Center suggests some fire safety tips.





What if a fire occurs when you’re out of the house? Here are some tips to maximize your pet’s safety.

  • Install a dog door

A dog door will allow your dog an escape route, at least in to the backyard.

  • Cover anything that may cause a fire

Can your pup reach the oven buttons? Reaching to gobble up some left over food may cause an unfortunate accident.

  • Tell your neighbors about your pets

There’s almost always a neighbor around. So go and brag about your pets. Tell them how many you have, if they like people, and any other crucial information.

  • Get a rescue alert sticker

As mentioned in the infographic, a rescue alert sticker can tell a fireman, or an unknowing stranger how many pets are in the house.


6 thoughts on “Fire Safety: For You and Your Dog

  1. Great infographic, thanks for sharing this one. We worry about fire when we’re not home as I’m sure many others do. I would love to share this on our site~

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