Stay Safe this Halloween with these 5 Tips

1. Keep Candy Wrappers Away From Pets– Ingestion of candy wrappers can cause choking and also may cause intestinal obstruction, which might require surgical intervention. Candy wrappers can be sneaky, be sure to properly dispose of them.

2. Keep Candy Away From Pets– Some candies contain harmful substances to pets that may be harmful or even lethal. Keep Halloween candy up and away from nosy pets.

3. Keep Pets Confined During Trick or Treating– Halloween can be overstimulating for some dogs. Keep your pets confined during Trick or Treating hours, and avoid any escaping pets.

4. Keep Decorations Somewhere Safe– Swishing tails and curious noses could knock over decorations, causing harm to your pet and possibly to your home as well. Keep decorations out of reach of pets, and enjoy a safe Halloween.

5. Try Costumes Before The Big Night– Some costumes may make your pet scared or uncomfortable, don’t wait until Halloween to try on their costume. Be sure to include proper identification on their tags and on their costume as well.

Use our free printable to help you and your pets stay safe this Halloween:


halloween tips





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