6 Ways to Enjoy Autumn with Your Pups

1. Take a Hike

Remember those hot summer days when it was too hot to go outside? Maybe you even cooled down with some of our tips. Don’t worry, the long hours of sun beating down your back are over. You can enjoy hiking trails and the fall foliage in cool, sweet weather.


2.. Take some photos

The falling leaves and crisp red, orange tones make Autumn the perfect season to take photos. Also, leaf piles and pumpkins aren’t bad props for puppies.


3. Go Shopping

Autumn takes a toll on dogs, sometimes it’s just too cold for them. Go shopping together and select a cute new plaid sweater for them to wear when they’re chilly! (This will probably come in handy when taking photos)


4. Cuddle Up

Autumn is beautiful, and cold. Sometimes, it just feels nice to curl up under a blanket with a furry friend and a hot cup of tea.


Screen Shot 2014-11-14 at 4.59.28 PM
Comet is enjoying his “Starbarks” coffee!




5. Stay Away from Mushrooms

As tempting as they may look to your dog, it’s not a good idea for them to have a mid-walk snack on some mushrooms. Although many are non-toxic, Autumn and Spring are mushroom seasons and it is difficult to distinguish a safe mushroom from a toxic one.


6. Have a Play-Date

Your pup might get a little lonely during the colder months, there’ll be less dogs at the dog park, shorter walks. Inviting another furry friend other will be fun for you and your dog!


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