8 Things We Do That Annoy Our Pets

8 thing we do that annoy our pets picture


1. Blow in their Face– Comet hates when we do this, but he also looks very cute and will try to snuggle with you after. Beware, blow in his face too many times and he’ll get you with a sloppy kiss!


2. Hugs– While we love giving hugs to our furry friends and non-furry friends, dogs do not. Dogs perceive this as you asserting your dominance, which at times, is good, but not during an attempted loving embrace.


3. Yank Their Collars– This is not only inhumane, but just terrible for the dog! If someone tries to gently nudge Lucy using her collar, she’ll growl.


4. Say Something to Them, And Expect Them to Know What You Mean– Yes, you told your dog about what Kathy did last week (Sorry Kathyies), but they’ll still cuddle up to her when they see them. If they’re doing something bad, don’t try to explain it to them. Yes, dogs can understand some words, but they do not understand about Kathy or that they did something bad.


5. Look in to Their Eyes– While sharing secrets, you might stare in to your dog’s eyes and tell them everything. This might be read as dominance or aggression. Comet personally hates when people look him in the eyes, he’ll shy away and avoid your look.


6. Forced Play-Dates– Yes, your puppy and that corgi from across the street look adorable together. But really, they don’t like each other at all.


7. Being Boring or Lazy– Dogs need exercise and stimulation, yes, it’s ok to lounge around once in a while, but dogs need to get outside and have fun.  If it’s too cold to play outside very long, try using a puzzle toy or play a game of fetch.


8. Tight Leashes– Dogs want to smell the grass, the trees, and just about everything. While this may be annoying, dogs just want to experience the mental and sensory stimulation they can only get outside.


Do you do any of these things? What annoys your dogs?




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