How can my dog participate in Thanksgiving dinner?

As pet parents, we love spending holidays with our pets. We want our dogs to participate as much as possible in all of our “human” activities, although sometimes our furry friends just can’t. Dogs can participate in Thanksgiving festivities, such as dinner, safely, as long as their humans follow a few tips.


No Giving in to Begging

Tahoe looks just adorable when he begs at the table, but don’t give in to that precious face! This will reinforce the behavior and lead to more begging and will disturb your dinner. You may want to consider kenneling your puppy during Thanksgiving dinner, or if they’re well behaved, setting up a special spot for them.


Screen Shot 2014-11-23 at 3.47.25 PM
Tahoe’s begging face



Give Them Their Own Plate

Your dog may feel a little excluded during dinner, before or during the big dinner, make a special little plate for your puppy. Turkey is a great lean protein for dogs, use white meat, remove all of the bones and excess skin or fat. Here’s a free printable that will help you remember what is okay and not okay for your dog to have at Thanksgiving dinner:



safe to eat thanksgiving guide


Of course, there are many more foods that are safe and are not safe that might be on your table.


Give Them a New Toy

If your puppy can’t share your dinner with you, try stuffing a toy with their regular treats or buying them a new one. Elka Almanac documented their dog’s squeaky Thanksgiving “dinner”.


How do you enjoy Thanksgiving dinner with your pet?


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