Preparing Your Dog for the Cold Weather

It’s after Thanksgiving, the cold is among us! Dogs do have a nice layer of fur to keep them warm during the winter months, but sometimes it isn’t enough. Here are a few tips on how to prepare for the cold weather:


Give Them a Warm Place to Stay– Most dogs are inside pups, but some are left outside most of the time, especially in warmer places. During the colder months, let them inside or arrange a warm place to stay.


Dress Up– Now is the time to dress up your puppy in those cute cable-knit sweaters (only if they like it of course). Be sure to know their boundaries though, don’t force them in to an outfit they don’t like or restrains them.


Clean their Paws– Clean and check their paws regularly. Snow can build up in their toes and walking in the cold may cause injury or bleeding.


Stay Away from Strange Liquids Outside– Many people use antifreeze during the colder months which is poisonous to dogs. Clean up all spills and stay away from any you see.


Keep a Watchful Eye– Watch your dog for any symptoms of frostbite or illness such as whining, shivering, anxiousness, slowing down, seems weak, or if they are looking for a warm place to burrow.


Be Prepared Keep a first aid kit and a disaster/emergency kit on hand. Weather can strike without warning, and it can be difficult to predict when it will end.


Are you prepared for the cold weather?


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