5 Household Items That Can Be Used As Pet Toys

Our dogs go through toys very quickly, we often have to DIY some. Here are a few of our favorites:

Toilet Paper Roll– Tahoe loves to rip these apart. Be careful and make sure they don’t ingest any, it could cause gastric or intentional obstruction. This is one of the easiest DIY dog toys, all you have to do is throw it to the dog! (Make sure to remove the toilet paper first though!)

Towel– Comet carries around towels when he’s excited, usually when somebody’s home. An old towel is best, your dog might enjoy playing tug of war with it or carrying it around.

T-Shirt– Take an old t-shirt or two, cut out strips, then braid them in to a rope. Or, take a t-shirt, roll it up, and tie it in to a knot.

Milk Jug– Sometimes, dogs just want something to carry around and play with. A milk jug is perfect for this, just watch if your pup is a heavy chewer.

Empty Water Bottles– Our pups just love hearing that crinkly sound when they play with empty water bottles. Watch out for heavy chewers with these as well!

What other household items do you use as DIY pet toys?


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