2014 Holiday Gift Guide

Happy Holidays!

We have a special surprise this year for dogs and dog lovers alike, a Holiday Gift Guide!

We’ve compiled a list of companies and products that we absolutely love, and you’ll love too!

2014 holiday gift guide cover


about our holiday gift guide


adaptil holiday gift guide



petbox holiday gift guide



pridebites 2014 holiday gift guide




berke and brady jo holiday gift guide



twigo tags holiday gift guide 2014


saintlees 2014 holiday gift guide

Adaptil:    Where to Buy: http://ow.ly/FzY6V   Coupon Code: http://ow.ly/FzGS4

PetBox:     Where to Buy: https://getpetbox.com    Coupon Code: TXPUPS

PrideBites:     Where to Buy:  http://pridebites.com   Coupon Code: TXPUPS

Berke & Brady Jo:     Where to Buy: https://www.etsy.com/shop/BerkeandBradyJo    Coupon Code: TXPUPS10

Twigo Tags:     Where to Buy: http://www.twigotags.com     Coupon Code: TXHOLIDAY

Saintlees:     Where to Buy: http://www.saintlees.com     Coupon Code: FREESHIP


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