Holiday Sweets and Dog Safety

Happy December! It’s getting closer and closer to the holidays, which in our house means closer and closer to the sugar (cookies)! Not all yummy holiday sweets are safe for dogs though unfortunately, even the one’s shaped like doggy bones! Here are a few tips and tricks to keep your dog safe:


 Keep Sweets Up and Away From Dogs– This is pretty self-explanatory. Keep sweets up and away from your dog, especially chocolate treats such as fudge or chocolate cookies. Tables and counters may not always be the safest places as dogs can (and will!) jump up and get to your delicious sweets. Try hiding them in the microwave, oven, or in an unused cabinet.

Make Doggie- Only Sweets– Don’t leave Fido out! Be generous this holiday season and bake some extra special treats just for your pup. They’ll feel included and satisfied. Stuffing a toy with treats or your dog’s meal is another great way to keep them occupied and involved.

Kennel Up– If your pup is kenneled up, they can’t get to the food. Only kennel them when necessary though, such as when baking or eating dinner. Excessive kennelling is not good for pups, and may even lead to seperation anxiety or depression. Try stuffing a toy with treats to occupy them too, as mentioned above.

Keep Your Vet’s Number Close– Accidents happen, puppies get in to things. It’s best to keep your vet’s number in your phone or nearby just in case your dog eats something they shouldn’t have, or if they’re showing symptoms of poisoning. Symptoms include vomiting, diarrhea, seizures, blood in stool, or lethargy. In addition to your vet’s number, keep the clinic’s emergency number and the pet hospital’s number close.

Only Share Small Bites– Okay, okay. We all give in to that cute face sometimes. Remember to only share very small bites of safe foods, remember, no chocolate!


Have a Happy Holidays and stay safe!


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