Top 5 Dog Trails in Texas

top 5 dog trails in tx
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Texas has some of the most beautiful dog trails, and the best part is, we can visit them year round! Which one is your favorite?

1. Spring Creek Forest in Garland

There are several trails in Spring Creek Forest that feature guided hikes. The trails are only 15 minutes outside of Dallas and offer a beautiful hiking path away from the city for dogs and humans alike.

2. Trinity River Trail in Fort Worth

This 4.5 mile trail connects Dallas County’s Joppa Preserve and the Trinity Lake Audubon Center. The trail offers panoramic views of Little Lemmon Lake and the Trinity River.

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4. Barton Creek Greenbelt in Austin

Even though Barton Creek is inside Austin, it offers a secluded hike away from the bustling city. Along with hiking, Barton Creek has a swimming pool and rock climbing opportunities.

4. Davey Dogwood Park in Palestine

Davey Dogwood Park consists of 254 miles of beautiful forest. Palestine and the surrounding areas have the highest concentration of Cornus Florida (a type of Dogwood) in Texas.

5. Arbor Hills Nature Preserve in Plano

This 200 acre park is a great family friendly option. With 3 miles of paved trails, this park is perfect for every member of the family.

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Have you ever attended one of these trails?


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