6 Myths About Dogs

Here are 6 common misconceptions about dogs:


1. Dogs are sick when their noses are warm.

The temperature of a dog’s nose do not indicate whether a dog is sick or not. This misconception derives from an old wives tale that cold, moist noses are a sign of health. A dog’s nose may be dry or warm when they wake up which is a perfectly normal circumstance.


2. All dogs like to be pet on top of their heads.

While Lucy absolutely loves any type of attention, some dogs just do not like to be pet on top of their heads (like Tahoe). It’s can be similar to petting another human on the head, it’s just not enjoyable.


3. Dogs show clear signs when they have an illness.

This is not true, as some things may even be happening internally without your pup knowing it. Dogs are also very good at hiding their weaknesses, if you sense something is wrong contact your vet immediately.


4. Dog’s mouths are cleaner than human’s mouths.

We don’t understand how this came about, but it is not true. Dogs’ mouths have many gross germs and other substances in their mouths. Comet recently learned how to open the trash can and will now be taking his afternoon snacks there.


5. Dogs see in black in white.

While some people think dog’s lives are like an old movie, it’s not true. Dogs can see most colors but they may not perceive it the same way as humans do. Pups can see colors with their eyes best on the blue side of the color spectrum.


6. Dogs eat grass to make themselves vomit.

This is not always true, we recently wrote an article about the reasons why dogs eat grass.


What other misconceptions are popular?


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