Happy International Dog Biscuit Day!

Happy International Dog Biscuit Day! This just might be Tahoe’s favorite day out of the whole year. To celebrate, we’re sharing our favorite dog treat recipes from around the world.


Pop’s Pizza Treats – Does your pup feel left out when you order pizza? These savory pizza treats are delicious and healthy.


Photo from bittersweetblog.com.


Spinach and Green Pea Treats – Packed with “superfoods”, this recipe is a great healthy treat for pups.


No Bake Treats – These peanut butter and oat balls are useful if your pup needs to take medication daily or just likes the taste.


Frozen Ice Cake – Complete with toys! This treat is great for cooling off in the hot Texas heat.


Photo from userealbutter.com.


Pumpkin Peanut Butter Treats – A cute little crunchy treat perfect for everyday use or special occasions.


Two Ingredient Treats – Simple and easy to customize, your dog will love these treats.


Fresh Apple Treats – An impeccable ending to a trip to the orchard, these treats taste best with fresh fruits.


Sweet Potato Chews – These chews are only one ingredient and easy enough to make on a weekday.


Bacon Bark Sticks – What dog doesn’t love bacon? These long sticks can even be shared (if they’re even able to!).



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