Methods of Training Dogs

There are several ways to train a dog to perform simple or more complex tricks. Our pups are trained with most basic commands, we’re still working on shake! Training a pup is crucial to their development and in emergency situations.


Reward Based Training

This method of training focuses on using positive reinforcements and negative punishments. We used this to train our dogs. We’d hold up a treat and then say sit, when they did, we’d give them the treat. Eventually they learned to connect the command “Sit” with the motion.


Clicker Training

Clicker training is similar to reward based training. To start, you have to connect the clicker sound with positive reinforcement, possibly with a treat or pet. When you command the pup to sit and they follow the command, click the clicker. The dog knows they are doing something right and will associate that when you say the command in the future.


Aversive Training

Aversive training is based on negative reinforcement and positive punishment. Negative reinforcement is, for example, placing light pressure on a dog’s collar and command them to sit, then releasing when they do so. Positive reinforcement, for example, is a noise from an electric collar when a dog barks. We don’t personally recommend this method, as sometimes it can cause harm to the dog.


You should try out different methods of training with your pup to see which works best for you and your goals. During training, remember to be safe, don’t use any methods that may harm your dog, and take it slow. Different dogs may learn at different paces and they cannot learn commands instantly.


What method did you use to train your pups?


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