Pet Friendly Restaurants in Austin

Austin is home to many pet-friendly restaurants with amazing food. Here is just a sampling of Austin’s finest pet-friendly restaurants:


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Red’s Porch: Enjoy the excellent view with your dog while noshing on some traditional Texas cuisine and some modern options.

Whole Foods: Whole Foods’ flagship store offers ample outside dog-friendly seating as well as many healthy food options (and many food bars!)


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Mozart’s Coffee Roasters: Located right on the water, watch live music on a shaded, pet-friendly, outside deck while drinking gourmet coffee.

Kerbey Lane Cafe: This popular breakfast spot has several locations within and around Austin, leashed dogs are welcomed on the covered patio.


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Perla’s: Take a short trip up to the Northeast and enjoy seafood while your pup drinks from their very own water bowl.

Guero’s Taco Bar: An Austin tradition, Guero’s specializes in tacos but also features a Vegan and Gluten Free menu; you can sneak complimentary tortilla chips to your pup under the table.


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Austin Terrier: With a little bit of everything, you and your pup will love this restaurant (permitting he doesn’t do his business on the patio!)

P. Terry’s: Originally from Abilene, try a fast yet quality burger that will fill your appetite, your pup may want to steal a bite!


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