6 Myths About Dogs

Here are 6 common misconceptions about dogs:


1. Dogs are sick when their noses are warm.

The temperature of a dog’s nose do not indicate whether a dog is sick or not. This misconception derives from an old wives tale that cold, moist noses are a sign of health. A dog’s nose may be dry or warm when they wake up which is a perfectly normal circumstance.


2. All dogs like to be pet on top of their heads.

While Lucy absolutely loves any type of attention, some dogs just do not like to be pet on top of their heads (like Tahoe). It’s can be similar to petting another human on the head, it’s just not enjoyable.


3. Dogs show clear signs when they have an illness.

This is not true, as some things may even be happening internally without your pup knowing it. Dogs are also very good at hiding their weaknesses, if you sense something is wrong contact your vet immediately.


4. Dog’s mouths are cleaner than human’s mouths.

We don’t understand how this came about, but it is not true. Dogs’ mouths have many gross germs and other substances in their mouths. Comet recently learned how to open the trash can and will now be taking his afternoon snacks there.


5. Dogs see in black in white.

While some people think dog’s lives are like an old movie, it’s not true. Dogs can see most colors but they may not perceive it the same way as humans do. Pups can see colors with their eyes best on the blue side of the color spectrum.


6. Dogs eat grass to make themselves vomit.

This is not always true, we recently wrote an article about the reasons why dogs eat grass.


What other misconceptions are popular?


Top 5 Dog Trails in Texas

top 5 dog trails in tx
Photos Provided by AustinParks.org


Texas has some of the most beautiful dog trails, and the best part is, we can visit them year round! Which one is your favorite?

1. Spring Creek Forest in Garland

There are several trails in Spring Creek Forest that feature guided hikes. The trails are only 15 minutes outside of Dallas and offer a beautiful hiking path away from the city for dogs and humans alike.

2. Trinity River Trail in Fort Worth

This 4.5 mile trail connects Dallas County’s Joppa Preserve and the Trinity Lake Audubon Center. The trail offers panoramic views of Little Lemmon Lake and the Trinity River.

Photo Provided by Examiner.com

4. Barton Creek Greenbelt in Austin

Even though Barton Creek is inside Austin, it offers a secluded hike away from the bustling city. Along with hiking, Barton Creek has a swimming pool and rock climbing opportunities.

4. Davey Dogwood Park in Palestine

Davey Dogwood Park consists of 254 miles of beautiful forest. Palestine and the surrounding areas have the highest concentration of Cornus Florida (a type of Dogwood) in Texas.

5. Arbor Hills Nature Preserve in Plano

This 200 acre park is a great family friendly option. With 3 miles of paved trails, this park is perfect for every member of the family.

Photo Provided by TripAdvisor.com



Have you ever attended one of these trails?

Puppy Bowl XI Recap

Photo Provided by Animal Planet.

Team Fluff or Team Ruff? Puppy Bowl fans had to choose a team for the first time ever in Puppy Bowl history. Also new this year, fans were able to follow along with an official scoreboard.

Photo Provided by Animal Planet.

Cara, a MVP candidate and Team Fluff player, ruled in the first half with her slight aggression and two goals. It was clear she was a strong candidate for MVP (Most Valuable Puppy).

Screen Shot 2015-02-01 at 5.57.32 PM
Cara’s draft card for the Puppy Bowl fantasy football league at AnimalPlanet.com.

Cara’s reign soon ended though, with Team Ruff pulling ahead in the second half with Falcor, another MVP candidate, scoring. In the end, Cara won MVP (Full disclosure: We voted for her).

Screen Shot 2015-02-01 at 6.57.42 PM
Photo from Animal Planet.

The show featured fun highlights such as the Kitten Halftime Show with a performance from Katty Furry (a parody of Katy Perry), looking very uncomfortable in her blue wig. Apparently her ensemble was created by a famous pet clothing designer who is known to have worked with Paris Hilton’s pets. Kitty Purry (Katy Perry’s cat) was originally approached but wasn’t available. We were disappointed with this year’s entertainment, last year’s Keyboard Cat was much better in our opinions.


Photos from Animal Planet.

The game also featured Dwarf Goat cheerleaders, who got a little rambunctious and ate the playbook (knocked over by a suspicious crustacean like leg, we suspect Patrick Star).

Photo from washingtonpost.com.

And how could we forget Henri, the French existential cat? While kittens hacked the control room during the halftime show, Henri shared his very dim views about humans and dogs. The kitties also showed funny cat videos before the puppies kicked them out. All in all, not the worst hack we’ve seen this year.




Photos from Animal Planet

The Halftime show was sponsored by Bissell and their newest pet vacuum that magically cleans spots. What do we need to do to get one of those?

Photo from Animal Planet.
Photo from Animal Planet.

Other highlights included Bryan Adams scoring the second field goal in Puppy Bowl history. It was also the highest scoring Puppy Bowl game with 19 touchdowns. Meep the Bird was live tweeting the event, like he does every year.

Screen Shot 2015-02-01 at 6.43.44 PM
@MeeptheBird on Twitter.

The Puppy Bowl was refereed by Dan Schachner who recently did a Reddit AMA on his work. He joked about the recent “Deflategate” scandal.

Screen Shot 2015-02-01 at 7.18.53 PM

Schachner also commented on his favorite camera- the waterbowl cam.

Screen Shot 2015-02-01 at 7.26.31 PMOther notable moments was when he explained how he got the job originally, the addition of cats to the show, and the allegations that the kittens at the Kitten Halftime show were on catnip.

Screen Shot 2015-02-01 at 7.39.48 PM

Team Ruff pulled ahead in the second half and ended up wining 87-49 against Team Fluff. We were sad to discover this year that the Puppy Bowl is a prerecorded event and not live. I know. #PuppyBowlScandal2015.

Photo Provided by Animal Planet.

The Puppy Bowl, per usual, was a fun, “warm up” game to the Super Bowl. We enjoyed watching and tweeting about the game. Did you watch?

Merry Christmas!

Merry Christmas from all of us!

txpups 2014 christmas card

We have a special surprise for our Instagram friends. We’re introducing a new Instagram account for our Spanish followers. Our “not so secret” account @texaspups on Instagram will now be sólo en español (only in Spanish). It will feature the same pictures, but with a Spanish caption. We are only doing this for our other Instagram account (@texaspups), and will not be translating our blog or other social media accounts.

Tenemos una sorpresa especial para nuestros amigos de Instagram. Estamos introduciendo una nueva cuenta de Instagram para nuestros seguidores españoles. Nuestros cuenta @texaspups “no tan secreta” en Instagram ahora serán solo en español. Se contará con las mismas imágenes, pero con un título español. Sólo estamos haciendo esto por nuestra otra cuenta de Instagram (@texaspups), y no será traduciendo nuestro blog u otras cuentas de medios sociales.

How are you celebrating the holidays?

Holiday PetBox Review

Happy Holidays everyone! Today we’re featuring an extra special PetBox, our Holiday PetBox!

This month’s PetBox features many holiday themed items, and the PetBox elves even crammed in a few more goodies as an extra present!

holiday petbox review


We received the following products in our Holiday PetBox:

jingle jangle

Jingle Jangle P-Nuttier Treats ($2.79): These peanut butter flavored treats are perfect for the holidays! These treats are made with real peanut butter and are shaped like snowflakes. This is a great Christmas gift for our pups!

tennis ball

Flingball ($7.99): This was Tahoe’s favorite pick, he kept picking it up! This ball is good for “flinging”, tug of war, and more. While it may look simple, the rope goes inside the tennis ball instead of around, to avoid it slipping off.

brush bones

Merrick Lil’ Brush Bones ($11.67): Dental hygiene is important to us and our pups, these Lil’ Brush Bones are the perfect size for Tahoe. We’d recommend these for families with one small dog.


PawGanics Toy Cleaner ($1.99): We’re a fan of PawGanics, this cleaner is all-natural, fragrance free, and non-toxic. This cleaner is useful for when the pups sneak outside and get their toys all dirty, especially for this next product.

spot treat ball

Spot Treat Ball ($4.80): We were excited to try this out this ball. There are small holes that allow treats to fall out when the ball is rolled or shaken. The pups were a bit confused at first, but slowly figured it out.

pawtato chips

Sadie’s Sweet Potato Chips ($2.00): All natural, wholesome, and made out of only sweet potatoes, these treats are the perfect stocking stuffer for your pup.


Puppy on Board Sign ($7.75): This adorable signs alerts others that you’ve got a furry friend in your car and makes a cute gift. The sign felt a little thin but durable, it was a proper size and attached easily.



PetBox is a monthly subscription service for dogs and cats. You can select to be surprised every month or choose which products you want in your box. Use the code TXPUPS for 20% off your first box!


Disclaimer: TXpups was provided with a year subscription to PetBox. TXpups helps to promote PetBox’s goods and services. TXpups only shares information we feel is relevant to our readers. All opinions are our own.